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Kaplan turbines

Reaction KAPLAN turbines run better in low heads and big flows. These turbines are suitable for high potential of power that rivers have on their last kilometres. It can be even made turbines with one meter of head using water turbines with big specific speed.

Francis turbines

FRANCIS turbines are used in medium size heads and flows. This turbine runner admits water in radial direction and the outlet is in axial direction.

In Francis turbines the runner is always inside a Spiral Casing were the pressure energy is transformed into cinetic energy.

Pelton turbines

PELTON turbines are used in high heads generally from 130 m. Runner consists in a set of buckets moved by a water jet coming from the injector.

Turnkey projects

Our vocation to offer our customers complete solutions has pushed us to complete our supply of hydraulic turbines with the electromechanical equipment necessary for the construction of a hydroelectric power plant of small or medium size. In our supply we usually include:

  • Guard Valve (Butterfly or Spherical)
  • HPU
  • Generator (Synchronous / Asynchronous)
  • Lub Oil system
  • Bearing Cooling system
  • Voltage / Speed / cosphi Regulator. Governors
  • Electrical installation. Switchboards.
  • LV / HV cabinets
  • Power and Auxiliary Transformer

More than that, BALIÑO has a highly qualified and experienced Erection and Commisioning supervision team. BALIÑO homologates SAT companies in different countries around the world.

SCADA & Automation

Control and automation system is an important part of a Hydro Power Plant and also its correct integration with the water turbine. We work on a plant configuration with integrated and compact control that performs with reliability, efficiency and economy. BALIÑO can supply the following products and services:

  • Control and Protection panel (Turbine, Generator, Transformer)
  • Speed governors


Technical Office of BALIÑO collaborates with the Design and Engineering companies by offering our experience in the hydraulic and mechanical design of Electromechanical equipment:

  • Calculation of turbines and generators and configuration of Power Plant
  • Calculation and analysis of Hydraulic Transients

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